Misti Self Portrait on Katahdin
Hello there! I'm Misti, the female half of the duo here at Wildscape Photo. By day I'm a GIS Specialist/Biologist and by night I am photographer, artist and gardener. Someday I would like to put the last three as my main profession, but until then I continue working in my off hours honing my skills and finding wonderful natural places to visit and photograph.

After spending 8 years in Florida, Chris and I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail, following that hike up with two months thru-hiking the Florida Trail. Now we are back in Texas settling in and exploring the wild places here. As a photographer I love to capture small moments, the tiny still lifes that are often overlooked. My other favorite is macro photography and I enjoy getting down on the ground to scope out a new way to photograph a flower, bug, or fungus. It is magnificent to see these items up close and sometimes in an abstract manner; this is what I love to see and show to the world.

If you enjoy seeing nature this way, take a look at my galleries which portray an array of macro photographs intermingled with landscapes and still lifes. If there are any questions on sizing, pricing or other print related issues, please contact me via one of the methods below. Enjoy!

I can be reached at 305-773-8979 or via email at oceanicwilderness@gmail.com

A catalog of images is below. If you are looking for something specific please check that to guide you to the right gallery.

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